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Polyester base pu systemBCI Holding SA is a leading multi-region producer of polyester polyols, polyurethane systems and specialty adhesives with a focus on the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).
Our backword integration into polyester polyols, our unique network of system houses, and our various distribution and technical service centers are a testament to our commitment to remaining the industry's preferred partner.

BCI Holding offers its PU SYSTEM ( Polyester based ) for shoe soles under the brand Name of BCI (Baalbaki Chemical Industries) for the following applications:


Our rigid PU Systems marketed under the Polyrex Rigid® brand name include more than 500 different products tailor made to satisfy our customers' product performance requirements and processing conditions. Our systems have been adjusted to work with different blowing agents including: Pentane; Solkane 365/227; Methyl Formate; HFC 245 FA; HCFC141 B (currently in phase out) and water.
Click here to view the selection chart of our major Polyrex Rigid® products.


We are among the largest suppliers of footwear polyurethane systems in the Middle East and Africa region and have actively contributed to transforming several markets into footwear manufacturing clusters. Our footwear systems are tailor made to suit customers' specific sole designs and processing conditions. Our capability to locally produce pre-polymers in several of our sites offers a unique product attribute that facilitates processing conditions at customers. Marketed under the Polyrex Footwear® brand, we produce systems for slippers, fashion soles, casual shoes, sports shoes, safety shoes and in-soles.
Our major Polyrex Footwear® products are listed here.

PU Flexible and Integral Skin Systems

Our range of specialty systems marketed under the Polyrex Specialty® brand name includes systems for cold cure, integral skin and visco-elastic foams. Our water-blown cold cure and integral skin systems include a wide range of densities and hardnesses for both automotive and office furniture applications. Our visco-elastic systems for pillows and bedding are suitable for both continuous and discontinuous processes. Discontinuous systems may be produced with golden bucket process.

Hereunder is a list of our major products:
Polyrex FL 40/8 Systems for office furniture and automotive seating
Polyrex VL 60/8 Systems for smart foam for mattress production
Polyrex FL 200/4 Systems for the production of integral skin PU

The systems have been designed, based on the above applications, to provide the following properties:
  • Light weight,
  • Good toughness,
  • Excellent anti-abrasive and anti-folding performance,
  • Wide adjustable range of hardness and density,
  • Good temperature resistance,
  • Anti-slipping, anti-oil,
  • Convenient and comfortable wearing etc