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A.S. Shoe Accessories Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of Pigments, Lacquers, Release Agents for Polyurethane, shoe finishing chemicals and chemicals for leather industries.

about us

                                                                                 The Company started manufacturing of Shoe Chemicals and Accessories under the leadership of Mr. Rakesh Kumar Rastogi ( Chairman). Mr. Chinmoy Bose (M.D.), an engineer by profession is an expert in Polyurethane System and has been providing technical assistance to PU sole/ Footwear Manufacturers. Besides Manufacturing of the Colorpastes, Lacquers, Release Agent for PU Soles, A.S.S.A also represents the following Italian Companies to market their product in India:

Foreign Associations:

1. NUOVA S.I.V.A.M S.p.A, Italy

Products: Colorpastes, Pigment s, Resins and Release Agents for PU soles and footwear.

2. Industries Chimiche Rindi S.p.A, Italy

Products: Shoe Finishing Chemicals and Chemicals for Leather goods.

3. Baalbaki Chemical Industries (BCI)

Products: Polyurethane Prepolymer systems for footwear application, i.e unit soles for gents, unit soles for ladies, slippers, safety shoes, casual shoes etc.



   Contact Person: Mr. Rajendra Yadav
   Agra- 282007
   Mobile No.: 09837090540
   Email: rajendrayad@gmail.com


  Contact Person : Mr. R.K Saffar
  Kanpur (U.P)
  Mobile No: 09935026369
  Email: rk.saffar@gmail.com


  Contact Person : Mr. Sanjay Verma
  Mobile No: 09838955535

Company Profile:
  • BUSINESS TYPE:                                Manufacturer and Importer
  • YEAR of ESTEBLISHMENT:                 1990
  • IMPORT PERCENTAGE:                    25%
  • CRISIL RATING:                                 SE 2A
  • NO. OF STAFF:                                   40
  • ANNUAL PRODUCTION :                 1200 Tonnes