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Solid Waxes

Set of abrasive, polishing and ageing waxes for the final brush of uppers, soles, heels, and edges.

Products Features Materials Applications
ABRAWAX II.II Abrasive wax for the smoothing of leather soles bottom, heels and edges. It is useful to levigate the surface and prepare it for the final polishing. Very good brushable and filling action.Leather soles heels and edgescloth brush
ABRAWAX 500 Colouring and covering wax for leather and masonite heels and edges. It gives homogeneous colour, shine and filling power.Masonite.leather thunit, cork edges and heelscloth brush
POLIWAX Synthetic wax for the final polish of soles, heels, edges and uppers. It gives a good shine without leaving any bloom. Soles, heels, edges and uppersWoollen brush, cotton thread brush
ANTIWAX Synthetic wax of medium hardness giving to leather heels, edges and uppers a final aged remarkable look without leaving any bloom. It is particularly useful when a final adeg look is required combined with a soft and silky touch.Heels, edges and uppersWoollen brush, cotton thread brush
CERAPELL Medium hard abrasive wax, it gives shiny and waxy and touch to leather uppers. It closes the pore of the leather giving also an elegant shine and softy touch. CERAPEL is used as alternative or combined with liquid polished on very absorbent leathers. Leathers uppersCloth brush